here shown with my Signature. the band is the rubber band which comes with your order as well as with the gunsmith colored ball chain

OR you can choose to have the ring replaced with a Sterling silver bail, and with that fitting extend the beauty and longevity of your piece, as shown here

BASIC comes with a round "jump ring".
It is not silver. but it does what it is supposed to do. the jump ring makes it work. Just the way as it is shown here. that is why I call it BASIC

you get it with a 30" gunsmith colored ball chain AND a rubber band as it displays here, 

STERLING of the design you choose  $23.95

you want it and maybe one for your friend. use the contact. I ship free when you order two or more

the tags seen here is an idea I got in 2014.  though the name art2wear I registered already in 2001. it has been a kind of slow start. one thing is to be creative by inventing a completely new product. another is selling it. but, now people are contacting me on Instagram etc as they are discovering something new. never ever done before.  looking for something setting you apart, this could be it, as this is not on everyone...

so how do you get it... simplest is using my contact form

the original approach (where it all started...)

​the basic

the basic is the artwork printed vertically on a 1.5" x 2" piece of black acrylic

the images shown here; bottom up are  teamwork, but i love you, another day in fucking paradise and last my signature

in the works, some more designs

BASIC of the design you choose  $19.95

want it free, look under BUY