Yesterday, I managed with something I think few people have managed before. I proved the largest cable company in Queretaro wrong. And instead of paying them about 3500 pesos they claimed I owed them, I paid 529 pesos. It took about an hour to get through their "we cannot do anything wrong attitude" And I did it using my Spanish to get their interest. As that is no good and you have really to listen. That together with their limited English knowledge made it possible for me to make my case

Then later I bought a new phone with a Mexican number. I also bought an unlimited plan with 20 GB and free calls in Mexico and to the USA and Canada. Price for the plan?? 20 US Dollar. The brand new Moto e5 was about 150 US $$.

My phone in the US I canceled

I have a suggestion for those of you who want to start a business or become an artist of whatever kind. DO NOT TAKE A CLASS. If your idea is sound or if you have a talent and if you are curious.. the rest will come by itself

And for those of you who are insecure, but still want to show your friends and family..that you can paint by the numbers.. take the class. Drink wine. mingle and enjoy

Living in Mexico and not speaking any is kind of difficult when you are running a business. Yeah, I am a painter, but not as a hobby - as I think most of the ones showing their art/creations on social media are. I run it as a business with one employee, me.

I have worked with teaching myself Spanish for 2 1/2 years on Duolingo. And sure I
know some 1000+ words as to Duo. But with my Mexican wife spending most of her time in Mexico City, the talking part is hard to master.

But, for the Spanish speaking people of Mexico interested to learn more about me and my art, I have now added a Spanish part to my website. That is especially important at this point, as in two weeks I will be showing my art at Antea Lifestyle center here in Queretaro, Mexico.  It all starts on February 1st and goes on to February 17th. It is open Antea's business hours 11 am - 8 pm. Welcome!

It's Christmas Eve 2018 and i am in Queretaro, Mexico. My wife and I are just back from a trip to the close Juriquilla. We have heard that it is a place for the upper middle class or something like that. The houses are a bit fancier than the ones in our urbanization. We went to a coffee shop called Zurich. It kind of reminded me about the coffee shops in Switzerland. Great pastry and good coffee. I lived in Switzerland 1970-71. Not that long time as such. But enough to obtain some memories.

After the visit to Zurich we went to Antea lifestyle center. I wanted to see what it was like on a busy day. I will, after all, show my art there at a prime spot between January 31st and February 17th. My goal is to sell for US$ 10k plus. We shall see. As if I do, I want to use about $3000 to promote my website

On the way out from the center, Claudia - my Mexican wife wanted me to have a Mexican phone number. So, we went to Movistar and inquired about that. It is amazing a plan with all bells and ding ding and free everything within Mexico, USA, and Canada the plan cost $20 per month. In the USA the similar for a person 55+ cost $55. WHY?!

I know, most everything is cheaper cross the border. The only exemption I have seen so far is the gas prices which are double that of USA

Today I spent 14 hours in my car. No, I was not sleeping. Driving from Matehuala five hours north of Queretaro and 7 and a half from Mexico City to San Antonio.

Driving is one thing, but the stops in the middle of nowhere are worse. Today three stops like that added two hours on my trip Ok. the roads are mostly great. But as the human factor is not, delays occur

Then I arrived at the outskirts of San Antonio in the dusk. By the way, a trip to Mexico will teach you one or two things. Maybe more. Things you were not aware of before.

I have realized that YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEED as most of the time you will only gain a minute or two. That said, nowadays I am pretty comfortable driving max 60 miles per hour
So, here I come in
 the dusk to San Antonio. Four lanes, general speed 60 - 70 miles per hour.

I only conclude, for my fellow travelers and myself. We managed to stay alive one more dayType your paragraph here.

My exhibition at Antea LifeStyle Center is over for this time. It was a great experience to be close up to a part of the Mexican lifestyle and its people. I would have had to spend a couple of years in Queretaro to learn what I now learned in just a month. And for that reason alone, I am Antea Lifestyle Center and its management team immensely grateful 

This chapter starts where the book ended or something like that. The book I refer to is my biography
" A Swede's adventurers" available on Amazon or if you prefer Barnes & Noble - if someone wants to check it out. 
The book covers my life from my first years including my first serious adventure at the age of four or five - when I escaped from kindergarten. And it goes on to include most of my life till November 2016

And with the chapter above, I refer to this part of my life starting with my move to Queretaro, in central Mexico in August 2018

I will, however, include experiences from my life as a pizza maker. As those experiences can be of great help if any of my readers plan to incorporate pizza in any shape or form in their lifestyle. Either as a business or building a pizza oven in your garden.

I have had some problems here with opening a bank account. You have to have a water bill or gas/electricity bill. I thought you needed to have that to prove your address as that makes sense. 
However here it is different I have come to understand. You can take another person's bill, a person not even living on the same address and use that as a "proof" of WHAT??

Another really stupid thing. I went to SAT to register myself/business as a taxpayer. No, you can not do that was the answer. Why I ask. You have to have been a resident for two years before you can register for paying tax...

I informed them, that Immigration, which is the ONLY institution which issues work visas has no problem with giving me a work visa on my temporary resident visa.

OK. I will follow their stupid rule and don't pay tax.

My wife was away in Mexico (Mexicans call their capital for Mexico), so I decided to go and register my business with the authorities on my own. It was a good day! It kind of reminded me about the old days. When nothing was predictable. I went to the tax people. Got myself and my business registered.
Though they want me back in a week for more questions

I then went to a cafe, in the Centro of Queretaro - where my wife and I had been before. Then...

Then, I set out to find a bus taking me back to my urbanization. Here they don't have clearly marked bus stops... But 
at the end of the day, I came home. Even if that included in total three hours spent in a bus. I got to see all parts of Queretaro...

... and I just finished my only can of real beer 
​the kind of beer separating boys from men