FRAMING TIPS   for my Limited Edition Prints

To make it simple I have given the mats used the same border size;  3"
So, with a  20" print of Desert Stars - the 20" indicates the widest part of the printed image,
the image being horizontal (as in this example) or otherwise vertical.  

Giving a 1" space around the image on all sides makes the framing size for this image, 
the following measures horizontal  20+1+1+3+3 = 28


vertical in this case, is the height of the horizontal image (make sure to include the title and my name in the height of the image). So, in this example; the height of the image including the title below the image is 7".

Then you add 1" on the top and the bottom. Then the additional 3" for the border of the mat.
The math looks like this for vertical: 7+1+1+3+3 = 15

That said; the overall mat, the frame, the mounting board and the glass
(plexi or glass)  for Desert Stars is  28" x  15"

You can use the above way to calculate the size of your print - when you order a frame at

When you do that, you order the mat TOP, SIDE & BOTTOM, which is to my measurements
above TOP 3, SIDES 3 & BOTTOM 3. The Mat is 28 x 15. So is the Frame and the Glass

I order all my framing from
IF you think it is difficult, call them. The number is on their website

When I frame my prints I use
this Mat quality; E4709 Bainbridge Paper Mat Extreme White YOU CAN USE SOMETHING ELSE
As Frame I use; R10 Graphite Metal Picture Frame CR  SUITABLE FOR ALL FRAMING
You need a Mounting Board behind everything, I choose their Standard Mounting Board
Then you may go with their plexi (which is very vulnerable for scratches)
or you can go to a window glass supplier and buy a 1/16 window glass.
You have to clean it first on both sides.

I have chosen this simplistic way of framing as I want the IMAGE to speak for itself.

You can of course make it simpler for yourself and go to Hobby Lobby.
Do keep in mind though. That while Hobby Lobby is affordable, they do not miss the opportunity to sell you the moon....

You  do not need Conservation Mats, nor do you need Museum Quality Plexi or Reflect free plexi. The print you have bought from me, is of Museum Quality. They do not get better than this. The Longevity is supposedly 200 years plus, but neither you or I will be around to prove the correctness of that statement. So, save your money!

One thing though, do not hang or place the art work in direct daylight.
As neither beautiful prints, nor originals of fine masters will stand the rays
of light