If you prefer to have a print on paper or canvas where I personally have written, using a pencil: the title, my name, your individual number, and my signature;
​Please contact me or Gallery Vetro in San Antonio.

These types of impressions are in a category called LIMITED EDITION. These impressions have a value and that value is likely to increase in the coming years. Like everything else established - made with care and consideration

I have three limited edition print sizes (I had four. The fourth was a 5" image size. It is discontinued.It was limited to 250) My Limited Edition prints are printed on paper or if really large on canvas.

The 10" (25 cm) edition is limited to 46 prints of each design, the 20" (50 cm) edition is limited to 100 prints of each design.
My ANY size Limited Edition is a larger or smaller print and is printed on canvas or paper. This edition is limited to 50 prints of each design.

You can find all my art here https://pixels.com/profiles/bjorn-sjogren.html On that site, it is possible to buy prints and many other items with my art. Everything is produced by that company on a license from me. None of the products have my hand in the production, except for the creation of the image itself.