Above are two images from my studio. One shows a part of the triptych
STREETS, BLOCKS & NEIGHBORHOOD in the making. The other image shows
the triptych against the wall. Learn more about these triptychs here


​When I state that the painting is made on paper; I refer to water color paper made most often by the Italian paper mill Fabriano. Of the originals available here, are only two created in Sweden. They are Famine and Horizon. They are both made using gouache.

The rest are created in USA and they are created using acrylics.
​The measures indicate the image size​


Buying an original painting from an established painter is more expensive than buying it from a hobbyist. While I have a track record, a hobbyist has not.

Buying an original in that way, your money is never lost. And if the painter produces high quality, the art work might very well increase substantially in value over time to come

The hobbyist doesn't need to get ends to meet, he/she does it for fun.
They have a pension or they have a job giving them the money they need..

You get a skilled carpenter in your house, you pay...if the neighbors son is doing it, you get it cheap and that's about it...