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FRUSTRATIONS  30" x 44" acrylic on canvas

STREETS, BLOCKS & NEIGHBORHOOD   (SBN)  # 3 and # 1 below 

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I have 30 years experience as an international artist and I am represented, not only in
all of US 50 states - but also in Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Germany, UK, Sweden, Russia and more, 

When you buy one or more of my original paintings, I commit to you - to do my utterly best to take my art as far as it is possible and that my art will never loose in value. It will only exceed what you one time paid. I want you to feel good about having a piece of my art - as after all most people don't have ​your eclectic taste

Sales to outside the USA is handled through PayPal

However, if you live in Europe, here is an online gallery where you can find selected pieces of my original art

​When I state that the painting is made on paper; I refer to water color paper made most often by the Italian paper mill Fabriano. However, with earlier works, paintings were made with gouache - on paper made by the German Hahnemueller, or the French Canson or Arches.