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The sizes indicated on all images are image sizes when you buy paper prints
As you will find, and perhaps  something which also will motivate you to chose one image over another is that my art has a CONTENT, it has a MEANING and some pieces also have a SOUL

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My LIMITED EDITION prints are all digitized images of my original art works. When I have created a piece, I take it to my photographer who captures the image as a digital photograph. Before it is finalized, I look on the image to make sure the colors correspond with the original art work. All my limited edition prints are printed using state of the art archival printing techniques on an archival water color paper of excellent quality! Only the best is good enough for me!

All my images are copyrighted with the Library of Congress in Washington DC, USA
You may copy them for personal use for free. If you make a print to frame for your space or make a  t-shirt for yourself, I want you to credit me, by also print the title and my name below the image. You may not under any circumstances use my images for monetary gain in any shape or form. If you do, you are committing a federal crime.