​If you prefer to purchase the open edition, without the title and my name, nor numbered,
it is available here  http://bjorn-sjogren.pixels.com/

otherwise you will find me at these locations starting 

I have been invited as "preferred" artist
to The Big Four Arts Festival in Louisville, Kentucky, in September


3rd weekend at Gruene Market Days  (and no I am not good enough for Fiesta Art Show
in San Antonio. Though all of you knows that that is not true, but for some reason....)
4th weekend Founding Fathers Day in Dripping Springs

"5th" Saturday only in Bulverde

After only 5 years in San Antonio, I feel very appreciated and I have sold a lot. It doesn't
seem to matter if I show next door or 200 miles away from San Antonio. People many times come up to me and tell me they have one or two and sometimes also three of my art prints in their home. Once that also happened at Dulles airport in Washington..;))


I worked hard during two years to find out if I had a market in California. I took part in nine shows.
And I think I could have a market there somewhere.... But, to find that would be like starting all over again. Just like when I arrived to San Antonio in November 2011 - flat broke. Decision time: No more long distance traveling.

Finally I feel at peace. I have my art in the weekends, and on my secure website. I get royalties once
​in a while from
Fine Art America and Saatchi Online in UK and of course also from Gallery Vetro beside the Majestic - in downtown San Antonio.

IF you are in San Antonio, please visit Gallery Vetro on East Houston Street  just beside the Majestic Theater. The owner, Phillip Schrank will do his best to accommodate you. Phillip will gift wrap your order and ship it.

Sometimes you need to go away, to realize how good Texas really is.....and I am saying this after have tried to move to California. But before I was going to take that step I took part in nine art shows. Seven in Los Angeles and south in 2015 and two around San Francisco  in August 2016. Not encouraging.... so I am and remain a Texas artist ;)