Seven triptychs, all vertically connected, all with the same name, but numbered as shown below to the right

All with the same color spectrum. The size of each horizontal triptych is 84"x 36"

The major white horizontal line between the next set below, is the divider between the horizontal triptychs  I created these triptychs during 2014 - 2015, acrylics on canvas.
Each triptych can be placed as you see fit. IF the space allows it, you can stack them....

It all started.....

In 2013 when I made a compilation of three square images below and I called them San Antonio River Walk.
Sold in San Antonio

​So, when the owner of Gallery Fargladan in Karlskrona, Sweden (my home town), saw those three 
paintings, he asked me to create something similar for my exhibition at his gallery in the summer of 2014.
As Karlskrona sits on an island called Trosso, I created two similar sets of three square paintings; 

Trosso 1 sold in Karlskrona  &  Trosso 2 (still available)

- before it was mounted on the wall
in Sturgis, South Dakota

When I. at one time was able to buy a lot of large canvases to a very good price - I couldn't resist that... 
Though I had no clue what to do with them all. Then one day in October 2014 I started to paint the last canvas in what eventually came to be SBN 1. Please, see above to the right. The underlined N indicates, that it is the last piece in Streets, Blocks & Neighborhood triptych # 1.

When I had created the narrow piece SBN 1,  I hadn't yet figured out what to do with it. And remember, as I am self-taught, I had no idea about triptychs. Anyway I was elaborating adding another larger square to the left just to see what happened, which then became SBN 1.  In that process I saw a city coming to life under my hands.... 

If you like I can bring one of the triptychs to your home/business so you can see if it fits in the space you have in mind. The overall size is 84 inches wide and 36 inches high

or your kitchen