Did U know
that many couples find something they both like among my images?

Did U know
that some couples have more than five prints of my art in their home(s)

bought at two or more occasions? Five or more gives you an ArtbyBjorn Club
​membership with amazing benefits once in a while...

Did U know
that while I was waiting at the mono-rail to go to the international terminal at Dulles airport - a couple behind me recognized me and told me they had three of my prints in their home...?

Did U know
that buyers from all 50 states have one ore more of my prints in their home?

Did U know
that I created the name Art2Wear in 2001, now synonym with the wearable clothing
and jewelry industry

​Did U know
that in 1987 I discovered that one could build an image using dots, waves and lines
and then by putting the title below the image as I saw it as - letting the viewers brain pick it up. Pixels were not a common knowledge at that time.

Then at a show 2004, in Chicago - I was approached by a guy who introduced himself
as an American scientist (!). He asked me to describe my way of painting. I told him that in 1987 I had this idea that one should be able to build an image, using DOTS, WAVES & LINES and then by putting the title below the image - as I saw the image as - letting the viewers brain pick it up as he / she saw the image as.

Then this man tells me, that is was strange that I was saying that, because earlier that year, in the spring of 2004...a Swedish scientist had (to my understanding) used my words and written about it in a scientific "declaration" - and that this theory was true.

I discovered that in 1987, 17 years earlier....

Did U know
that when I was visiting the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City

a man approached me and asked me if I was Bjorn something...,   the painter from Texas

Did U know
that you can save some monies by getting my artwork from Fine Art America.
Go here http://bjorn-sjogren.pixels.com 

​...however, that will be without my signature, nor will it have the title or my name written by me below the image... For that to happen, please buy it from me directly...


and here are some of my not art related inventions / discoveries

I invented/discovered in 1983 that you can achieve a better pizza by using a form
what later became a screen between the dough and the stone bottom in the pizza oven. Additional conclusion from that discovery, you can bake a better pizza at home in your ordinary oven at 500 F if you are using a screen. Pizza stones are totally useless and the same goes for ALL fancy pizza whatever...ovens ...for your garden kitchen....

In 1989  Chicago Metal Craft started to make the screen after a picture of my form.

And in 2008 I invented pizza kits. An online New York magazine and a Swedish newspaper wrote about it. A year later there were pizza kits all over...